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1:31 am, May 12, 2021

foundation accordion for version 6.x

yep the foundation does weird things to this sites css, but the demo still works if you want to use the built in foundation accordions. 


<ul class="accordion" data-accordion>
  <li class="accordion-item is-active" data-accordion-item>
    <!-- Accordion tab title -->
    <a href="#" class="accordion-title">Accordion 1</a>

    <!-- Accordion tab content: it would start in the open state due to using the `is-active` state class. -->
    <div class="accordion-content" data-tab-content>
      <p>Panel 1. Lorem ipsum dolor</p>
      <a href="#">Nowhere to Go</a>
  <li class="accordion-item" data-accordion-item>
    <a href="#" class="accordion-title">Accordion 2</a>
    <div class="accordion-content" data-tab-content>
      <p>Panel 2. Lorem ipsum dolor</p>
      <a href="#">Nowhere to Go</a>


<script src="" integrity="sha512-9cXmvmK1gIDw3Tol6Xg/1SUls/CvBMgedu1aDjT519sQzy7jk+LoezyQqlzClW2LgXww4xEyuqtofg7PtWteLQ==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-dMUQinc1gbNb95AFtKtP4q/g56T8r9oDxlWy0hrHyzfUbMq/vQztAqaR/FDY/bY0R1Ikc30aq94jyQH2Ix++ug==" crossorigin="anonymous" />



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