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2:17 am, October 16, 2021

show the current date in javascript

Returns the current date and time and sets the value in a div. 

Also added a demo with setinterval to update the time and date in the div every second. 


<h3>Current Date and Time</h3>
<p>When the page was loaded or reloaded</p>
<div id='date-time'>...</div>

<h3>Current Date and Time - Updating every 1 second</h3>
<div id='date-time-update'>...</div>


let date_time = new Date().toLocaleString();
let datetime_div = document.getElementById("date-time").innerHTML = date_time;

// console.log(date_time);

// now lets update the time and date every second with setinterval
  	let date_time = new Date().toLocaleString();
	let datetime_div = document.getElementById("date-time-update").innerHTML = date_time;
}, 1000);

Current Date and Time

When the page was loaded or reloaded


Current Date and Time - Updating every 1 second


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