check if a checkbox is checked with javascript

checks if the box is checked and returns true or false

reusable function that can check if a checkbox is checked or not just pass it the id of the checkbox

Javascript Usage



<input type="checkbox" id="check1"> check 1<br>
<input type="checkbox" id="check2"> check 2<br>

<button class='btn btn-primary' onclick="check_my_box('check1');">check check 1</button>
<button class='btn btn-primary' onclick="check_my_box('check2');">check check 2</button>


function check_my_box(id) {
	if (document.getElementById(id).checked) {
		alert(id + " is checked");
	} else {
    	alert(id + "# is NOT checked");
check 1
check 2

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