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9:52 am, August 16, 2021

how to bundle css files together using windows or mac

so i was wondering how to do this the other day using some modern end tools, and i found this way just do it straight from mac or windows. 

lets say i have these css files

  • main.css
  • style.css
  • theme.css

and i want them in the same order but just into one stylesheet.css file

how hard is that?

Well its not hard...


In a command window just type (in your selected directory with the css files)

copy /b *.css stylesheet.css 


In a command window just type 

cat main.css style.css theme.css > stylesheet.css 

(*not tested, let me know if this one works)

lets test that theory and see if it really works.

first i will need some actual test files.

and also i only have windows to test this on, so... i can only test on there.

Idea (for future me) : add this as a php tool.

Update: so i was just testing this on the windows pc, and well the files dont actually join together, but there must be an easy way round this. 

Here is a quick video of how to do it, yes i did forget that the file extentions were hidden! 😋

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