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11:55 pm, July 25, 2019

Best Atom Plugins 2019

I guess this is pretty dependant on what you edit in atom, but here are the plugins that i use mostly. 

  • Atom Beautify
    Allows you to beautify code directly from atom, good for messy code structures.
  • Highlight Selected
  • File-Icons
  • Pigments
  • Auto-close HTML
  • Remote FTP : Replaced with ftp-remote-edit
    Allows you to connect to FTP hosts from atom : This one is ok for connecting to one ftp, but i found a better one that can manage more than one connection which is listed below.
  • ftp-remote-edit
    Editing files on your server without the need for creating a local project. It is not necassary to download all files of your project. Simply connect and edit your remote files. The files will be automatically updated to the server on saving.
  • Remote Ftp Multiple Hosts Add-On
    Allows atom to connect to multiple ftp hosts from one project
  • Project Manager
    Allows easy switching between projects in Atom


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