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12:58 pm, June 9, 2021

how to switch chrome to dark and light mode in windows 10

So i was playing around in the settings of chrome, and I could not locate the dark and light mode switch.

Well apparently chrome looks at your windows theme and gets its settings from there.

I added a prefers dark and light mode to this site, so it will also change depending on your setting. 

Here is where you change it in windows:

Argh my eyes its so bright...

And here is this page in the light mode: So Light...

Quick change it back, just hurts my eyes too much, but hey if you prefer light mode then thats fine for you im not judging...

As soon as you change that setting in windows this page also changes! Amazing... and much better for my eye balls. 

How did i do this crazy thing? Well i found a bootstrap dark theme that supported it. Yay!


<meta name="color-scheme" content="light dark">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

Bootstrap Darkmode  

In Summary, i love dark mode. But if you dont this site also supports light mode.

I will be keeping my switch on dark!

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