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4:21 am, April 29, 2021

rs3 rune crafting leveling stats

99 Complete with the Pet Rue

And 99 is done. Ok on to the next one. According to the double xp timer, that was about seven ish hours between 98 and 99!... I guess that is a bit. 

100k to go until 99 and then no more runespan for a while, yay!

98 i think that is almost 1 level per day so far, so its not too bad going in runspan, a bit boring though. One more to go, on double xp. Then i think i will move to divination. 

and.. 97

Ok and now, 96... That didnt take too long did it, for a level.

Cinder cores and bonus xp def help for this grind. 

I think im getting the hang of it now, with the full Infinity Ethreal set it seems to make it a bit faster. Just set the portal to the top floor, get runes, go east and then north and north to the platforms with the Soul Ess Wraths, then when a yellow wiz comes activate the tele and then tele out to the guild and do it again, I think its worth it for that. 

Argh.. i wasnt looking and wasted a tele tab to the wiz which was standing right next to me... fml. 

What do i get for 96 rc? Nothing... Oh well

what a crazy slow grind rune crafting is!

i wont miss rune span once im 99...

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