RS3 Best AFK training all skills

Skill AFK method Requirements Xp/hr (Base)
Agility Silverhawks +AFK skill or Serenity posts daily 99 Agility, Silverhawks, Barbarian assault bxp and Nimble outfit 160,480 (68,800) [80 feathers/hr]
Attack Abyss Revolution, Nox scythe, Inventory of holy overloads, Bandos, Melee dummies 1,000,000
Construction Flatpacking mahogany tables (can't flatpack prawnbrokers) 52 Construction, Demon butler, Constructor's outfit, God Chisel 399,840 (336,00)[400 flatpacks/hr]
Constitution kill things See other combat skills -
Cooking 4-tick (normal cooking) rocktail 94 Cooking, Portable range, Cooking gauntlets, Sous chef outfit, Dwarven army axe, Decorated cooking urns 507,000 (315,000)[1,400 rocktails/hr]
Crafting Ithell Harps Artisan outfit, Ava, Raf 178,793 (146,552)
Defence Abyss Corruption blast, T90 weps, power armor, holy overloads, blood amulet -
Divination Ancesteral Energy 95 Divination, elder divination outfit 130k
Dungeoneering Join "free leech" fc 90+ combat to use free leech fc Depends on speed of team
Farming Killing Aquanites Unlocked ability to kill Aquanites, Seedicide, High range level, 91 farming (for optimal xp) 160,000
Firemaking Bonfiring Elder Logs 90 firemaking, Ring of fire, Flame gloves, Barbarian assault bxp, portable brazier 605,303 (500,250)
Fishing Priffdinas Waterfall Fishing Crystal rod, Whopper scrimshaw, Call of the sea, Fishing outfit 280k(140k)
Fletching Cutting magic longbow 85 fletching, Portable fletcher 204,850 (176,595)
Herblore Extreme Range Potions 96 herblore (ovls), portable well, botanist outfit 990,000 (728,000) [2800 pots/h]
Hunter Heist bxp 1 friend + 2 losers 350k bxp/hr
Magic Abyss>Dagganoths Corruption blast, T90 weps, power armor, holy overloads, blood amulet 600k
Mining Alaea Salt Crablets 97 mining, Augmented Crystal pickaxe w/honed 5 perk, Golem outfit/Golden mining outfit, Lava titan, Barbarian assault bxp 300,000 (250,000)
Prayer Hefin Cleansing Crystals Perfect juju prayer, 1st age outfit -
Ranged Abyss Revolution, Red chinchompas, Holy overloads, Power armor, Blood amulet, Range training dummies 1,000,000
Runecrafting Island 32/30 Camping 90 Runecrafting, Full master runecrafter robes 100,300 (85,000)
Slayer Revolution Holy overloads, corruption shot/corruption blast, steel titan + scrolls 168,000 (148,750)
Smithing Artisan's workshop (burial armor) 70 smithing, Blacksmith outfit 304,902 (249,920)[400 burial armour/hr]
Strength Abyss Revolution, Nox scythe, Holy overloads, Power armor, Blood amulet -
Summoning Pouch running Use Taverley bank to bank -
Thieving Elf City PP Rotation: Crwys>Meilyr>Hefin>Amlodd>Trahaern, Black ibis outfit (in bank), 98 Thieving, Trahaern exoskeleton outift (worn) 493,680 (408,000)
Woodcutting Golden Bamboo 96 Woodcutting, Crystal hatchet, Woodcutting outfit, Lumberjack aura, Woodcutting urns, Beaver, Stealing creation bxp 130,000
Invention Woodcutting/Fishing/Mining Crystal Siphoning varies


Other Methods

Attack, Defence, Strength, Range, Magic- abby demons/abyss monsters with aggessive potions for 800k-1.2m xp a hour

HP - 0 time

Prayer - Cleanings Crystals 250k a hour

Cooking - Rocktails with ports/max guild bonfire.

Woodcutting - Ivy/Crystal trees/Divine locations daily.

Fletching - No idea guessing broad arrows spamming spacebar?

Fishing - Elf City Waterfall fishing.

Firemaking - Elder logs bonfire in max guild

Crafting - Elf City Harps but its 50k a hour so is there another method? Saw a guide saying crafting black d'hide shields was best xp, or cutting dragonstones?

Smithing - Artisan's Workshop 4 minute afk

Mining - Elf City Seren Stones

Herblore - Not sure if can afk, overloads best xp? Heard you could 1 click herblore? IDK.

Agility - 0 time silverhawks or no mouse movement Hefin Agility course.

Thieving - Elf City workers/Dwarf Traders. (Do Traders work like OSRS Ardy Knights? Just trap them and click same spot for hours on end?)

Slayer - Not sure of task/skip list but heard Elf City master was best averaging 650K xp a hour.

Farming - Just daily tree runs? Is there another way to afk farm in rs3 with decent xp?

Runecrafting - Daily challenge/AFK runespam

Hunter - Not sure you can afk this, ARC islands best exp? (Last time I played it was dragonic jadiknos)

Constrution - Magogany tables for 800k a hour?

Summoning - Get from slayer/abby demons/Abyss

Dung - buy floors

Divination - AFK incandescant wisps

Invention - AFK combat/Waterfall Fishing

No Items Found.

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