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Android Power Saving Tips, Getting the most from your Battery.

I recently have changed from iOS to Android, and i'm quite pleased at the amount of customisation you can actually have on this operating system, one great feature that is has going for it is that you can now see exactly how much power each app consumes. I have found the following things help quite a lot in conserving battery usage. this is especially good once the phone starts getting a bit older and the battery no longer has the same capacity as when first shiny and new. Here is my list so far:

Keep an eye on what is using your battery.

Android has quite a good breakdown built in to show you what is using the most of your battery. It actually shows you what apps and android system things are using your battery.

In Android 8.1 you can find this by going into Settings / Battery. Then if you scroll down the bottom it will show you a list of the applications and how much power they are using.

Reduce the widgets on your home screen

Having widgets on your home screens can be very useful, but it also can cause your battery life to be drained as they are always running and updating. Remove ones that you rarely use or can easily access by just going into that app.

Use low power mode

If you just have the phone sitting there on your desk, and you are not actually actively using it you may as well just enable Power Saver. You can access this by sliding down from the top of your screen and pressing on the Battery Saver icon in the quick access shortcuts.

This will disable all the frilly bits in android such as the animations and a lot of the background updates, which will greatly reduce your battery usage. Then when you go back to use the phone you can easily disable it.

You can actually change the setting to auto enable battery saver at 15% of battery, but sometimes this is too low so manually activating it can be useful.

Disable your Wifi

One of the things that can cause drain on your battery using android is the wifi connection. Especially if you are not using it, so when you dont need it just disable it.

Remove Unused Apps

We all do it sometimes, install an app and use it once. Then it sits there on your phone, sometimes consuming resources. The later versions of android are quite a lot more efficient in monitoring background apps, but if your android is a bit old this can become quite a drain on resources. So if you are not using the app you may as well un-install it to save power you can always install it again later.

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